Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pythos IV: Turn 1 Summary

Armies have made their first moves and the battle for Pythos IV is now on! Armies have made their first moves after planet fall and are headed towards the first battles.

The Crimson Fists, Orks and Tyranids all are jockeying for position near the hive city.

The Crimson Fists

Captain Morrelis has also largely avoided weakening his force, though he has dispatched battle brothers to secure the manufactorium and recently added power generator in his territory.

Da Orks

Fork has kept his boyz nearby (possibly because he doesn't trust them to fight right an proper without superviz'in)

Hive Fleet Megladon

The hive mind has divided its forces, sending half towards the hive city while a second tyranid swarm looks to threaten the Ork's recently captured power generator after a forced march. (Note that this army cannot force march for another two turns but may still move as normal)

The Eldar

Meanwhile, the Eldar appear to have split their forces to pursue their own mysterious objectives. Below is the summary of army positions and income.

Current Army Positions

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