Monday, June 8, 2015

Pythos IV Opening Dispatch and Initial Setup

My Lady,

Per your instructions, I have been monitoring communications related to the Pythos system. I have intercepted several troubling reports of Xenos activity in and around the Pythos system that I believe are of interest to you.

As my lady are no doubt aware, the Pythos system was recently rediscovered by the rogue trader Van Buran sometime within the last 60 standard years. My research has uncovered that Pythos IV was a major naval way station used by the emperor’s fleets during the great crusade prior to its disappearance during the Horus Heresy. I believe there is a strong possibility that significant supplies of advanced war materials are believed to still be present on or in orbit of the planet, some of which you may use to your advantage

Intelligence suggests that several Xenos races have also made planetfall on Pythos IV. I have summarized the most significant information below:

Long range auspex scans have detected elements from a Tyranid hive fleet, code named Megalodon, diverting towards the Pythos system. Analysis of Van Buran’s last transmission suggest that the rogue trader’s fleet may have been overcome by genestealer infestation, which may account for the hive fleet’s actions. After action reports from battles fought against this particular hive fleet indicates that it favors infiltration and terror tactics when practical.

Imperial Navy patrols across the segmentum tempestus appear to confirm  early reports of increased Ork naval activity from around the Octarius sub sector. Signal intercepts speak of twin greenskins referred to as Fork and Spork having already made planetfall somewhere on Pythos IV.

Finally, we have received intelligence from another inquisitorial cell suggesting that the Eldar may also be planning an incursion into the Pythos system. Regrettably, our ally reports that their source of information expired before any specific information related to the xenos’ plans could be extracted.

I have forwarded my analysis of the orbital signum feed that you sent me. I have been able to ascertain the locations of your and all hostile forces planet side, but unfortunately I am not able to determine the size of each force due to signal interference.

My lady, I do not believe that a single strike cruiser bearing an under strength astartes battle company will be sufficient to secure the Pythos system. I strongly urge you to dispatch deathwatch assets or barring that a significant force of the astra militarium in order to return Pythos IV to the emperor’s light.

Your humble servant,
Interrogator Slate,
Thought of the day: Suffer not the alien to live

Pythos IV

Pythos IV Luna

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