Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pythos IV: Top of Turn 2

Top of Turn 2 Summary

Battle has been joined!

The hive mind appears to have miscalculated the thread posed by the other forces on Pythos IV, dividing its forces to consume the biomass of the planet. In doing so, it has left its forces vulnerable to attack.

Sensing an opportunity for battle, the Ork warlord Fork has driven his mob into a forced march to catch half of the tyranid force unprepared.

Captain Morrelis, suspecting that the Tyranids would be tempted into pausing to feed has sprung his trap, using the recently captured power network to rapidly redeploy his army against the main body of the tyranid force thatthe main synapse creature of the tyranid swarm believed to be leading.

Meanwhile, the eldar have positioned themselves to strike at the Ork HQ unopposed and have seized an additional starport.

Player Income and Spend Orders

Faction teamID numberOfTerritories totalIncome
Crimson Fists 2 4 90
Eldar 5 4 80
Orks 3 4 80
Tyranids 4 6 100

  • Crimson Fists spend 18 points on second in command wargear (needle pistol and servo skull) and 62 points to expand army 1
  • Eldar bank 80 points
  • Orks spend 80 points to expand army 1
  • Tyranids spend 75 points to expand army 1 and bank 25 points


Faction planetID territoryName armyName hasSupremeWarlord hasSecondaryWarlord hasBodyGuard armyForceMarched2ndTile armyForceMarched3rdTile pointsValue
Crimson Fists 1 17 1 Yes Yes No No No 2012
Orks 1 32 1 Yes Yes No Yes No 2055
Tyranids 1 17 1 No No No No No 1075
Tyranids 1 32 2 Yes No No No No 1000
Eldar 1 31 1 Yes No Yes No No 1000
Eldar 1 35 2 No No No No No 1000


GetArmyPositions.planetID GetArmyPositions.territoryName army1Faction army1Name army1Size army2Faction army2Name army2Size
1 17 Crimson Fists 1 2012 Tyranids 1 1075
1 32 Orks 1 2055 Tyranids 2 1000

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